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At-home teeth whitening kits are a simple and effective solution to brighten your smile when it is most convenient for your schedule. If you have tried common over-the-counter teeth whitening products, such as rinses, pastes, and strips, and they do not meet your expectations, Dr. Jireh Yue helps you save time, money, and resources with an easy-to-use take-home kit. This custom kit helps you reach your smile goals with a professional-grade whitening gel and comfortable teeth whitening trays made from the molds of your own teeth. You can use this kit to either gradually brighten your smile over time or following a laser whitening treatment to keep your teeth looking great. If you are ready to eliminate stains and get more dazzling results, contact the team at Made Ya Smile Dental in Houston, TX. 

Best Candidates

Achieving the perfect smile doesn't have to involve extensive, time-consuming treatments in our facility. Made Ya Smile Dental helps you get a more youthful look through custom teeth whitening kits for real, noticeable results to meet your desired outcomes. If you have a busy lifestyle, at-home treatments offer more flexibility so you can whiten your teeth in your own time. Patients with aged, stained, or discolored teeth from food and beverages or tobacco products can see a difference with our professional-grade solutions. To lighten your smile by several shades, reach out to our clinic to see how we can provide you with a valuable boost of self-confidence. 

What to Expect

Since teeth whitening is most effective when the teeth and gums are healthy, Dr. Yue will give you a comprehensive examination at our clinic to assess your overall oral health. We may also suggest teeth cleaning prior to beginning teeth whitening to eliminate plaque and tartar for the best results. Home whitening kits use custom trays and prescription gels, the strength of which is based on your starting enamel shade. To create your take-home trays, Made Ya Smile Dental will take an impression of your lower and upper arches. From these molds, we fabricate your trays at our facility using a smooth, clear material that fits comfortably in your mouth. Our professionals will then give you instructions about how much gel to use, how to use the trays, and how to clean the trays after each application.


One of the best benefits of brightening your teeth at home is that you can control the whitening results to a certain degree. The final enamel shade will change based on how often you whiten, the strength of the whitening solution, and the beginning shade of your teeth. Consuming staining foods and beverages and using tobacco products during the whitening process may negatively affect the end results, so we suggest avoiding these activities until the treatment is complete. Daily brushing and flossing, as well as keeping up with dental examinations and biannual cleanings, can help maintain your new results. Dr. Yue may also help polish any surface stains in the office. Best of all, you can always get more whitening gel from our office if you would like to touch up your smile over the years. 

Insurance Coverage

A take-home teeth whitening solution is a cosmetic procedure, which means it is not typically covered by dental insurance. However, the administrative team at Made Ya Smile Dental is pleased to offer a wide range of payment options, including low-interest patient financing with CareCredit®. Before we start making your personalized whitening kit, we will review your treatment costs and find an affordable solution to fit the treatment into your budget.

Home Teeth Whitening

It's time to perk up your smile with a take-home teeth whitening kit from the expert team from Made Ya Smile Dental. Dr. Yue and his staff will customize your whitening treatment with trays that perfectly fit your mouth as well as a professional-grade gel for your convenience. To achieve the best results for your smile and brighten your teeth dramatically, reach out to our facility in Houston, TX and schedule your next visit today. 

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