Dental Bonding and Contouring in Houston, TX

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Made Ya Smile Dental understands the true value of beautiful, healthy teeth, especially in showing off your smile and boosting your self-confidence. For some cosmetic issues such as cracks, chips, and stains, these can be corrected with a simple but effective procedure called dental bonding and contouring. The bonding material works by filling in the gaps or by making the teeth appear longer or more even. Dr. Jireh Yue uses composite resin colored to match your enamel to improve the size, shape, and color of a tooth without extensive treatment. If your smile or overall oral health is being affected, schedule a custom consultation with our expert practice in Houston, TX. 

Best Candidates

A dental bonding and contouring procedure can mask a wide range of cosmetic concerns for patients of every age. This treatment can rebuild the appearance of an individual tooth through a tooth-colored bonding material shaped around its front, sides, back, or edges. This helps correct chipped, discolored, narrow, or short teeth, as well as fill in the spaces in between teeth for a more balanced smile. Dr. Yue conveniently performs this treatment in a single appointment at Made Ya Smile Dental without extensive prep work or surgical procedures. It's also a more affordable option than dental crowns or veneers. While an effective option for many patients, composite material is not as durable as porcelain or ceramic restorations. Our staff will provide a thorough assessment of your teeth and provide you with options to meet your dental goals. 

What To Expect

Made Ya Smile Dental can complete a bonding and contouring procedure with composite resin in a single visit. As a minimally invasive treatment, patients do not require a local anesthetic. However, if you have a sensitive gag reflex or suffer from a fear of the dentist, we can discuss some easy sedation options to make you feel more comfortable at our facility. To begin the procedure, Dr. Yue or a member of his staff will prepare the area with a special cleansing solution. We apply the tooth-colored composite material and sculpt it to achieve the right shape and form, then harden it with a curing light to set the material in place. Our team will then polish the bonding for a seamless, smooth finish that blends evenly with the teeth. 


There is generally no recovery period after the bonding and contouring procedure has been completed, which means you can eat and speak as normal following the treatment. Be careful not to bite down on hard objects such as pens, fingernails, and ice to avoid damage to your teeth. We also recommend cleaning your teeth after consuming staining foods and beverages to minimize your risk of discoloration. Teeth with composite bonding can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. Continue to schedule routine examinations and cleanings with Dr. Yue at Made Ya Smile Dental so we can monitor the bonding and polish stains as needed. Due to normal wear and tear, we may need to repair or replace the bonding over time. With regular care, your treatment can last as long as ten years or more. 

Insurance Coverage

Depending on why the procedure is being performed, some insurance providers may offer partial coverage for dental bonding and contouring. To make your care more affordable, Made Ya Smile Dental accepts most PPO plans and offers convenient payment options for out-of-pocket costs. Our business team will review your benefits and inform you about the costs before we start the procedure. We will also provide you with helpful information on patient-financing with CareCredit®.

Bonding and Contouring

For significant cosmetic improvement, visit the team at Made Ya Smile Dental and learn about the wide range of treatments we offer. Dental bonding and contouring is an excellent way to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth without the time and resources spent on a more extensive procedure. To learn if bonding and contouring can fix small imperfections such as cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth, reach out to Dr. Yue and his caring staff in Houston, TX. 

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