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If a tooth did not heal properly following a root canal treatment, there is a chance that the infection will recur, causing damage to your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Patients who experience swelling, tooth pain, or signs of infection should be evaluated as soon as possible at Made Ya Smile Dental. You may require endodontic retreatment to get rid of the infection before it leads to serious issues. Dr. Jireh Yue is an experienced practitioner who will be able to clean out the infection, smooth the center of the tooth and canals, then strengthen the tooth internally with a special filling material. If you are showing signs of infection and would like a post-root canal treatment consultation, reach out to our clinic in Houston, TX today. 

Best Candidates

Patients who are experiencing a recurring infection after a root canal procedure may require endodontic retreatment. If the tooth did not heal as expected, or there are accessory canals that were not identified during the first procedure, you will need to visit Made Ya Smile Dental for an immediate assessment. This means you may feel a toothache, swelling in the face or gums, or a pimple-like lesion near the infected tooth. Dr. Yue will examine the area and take a digital x-ray to see if the infection is still present. Sometimes, a patient may need an apicoectomy or tooth extraction instead of redoing a root canal. 

What to Expect

At Made Ya Smile Dental, our team also takes special care to put your comfort and care as your first priority. We offer several sedation options so you can enjoy a positive and relaxing treatment experience during your endodontic retreatment. After numbing the treatment area, we will gently reopen the tooth, clean out the fillings material, and retreat the area. Dr. Yue will also check and disinfect any accessory canals that may not have shown up on your x-ray. Once the infection is removed, our team will rinse and dry the tooth before placing new filling material. When the site fully heals, Made Ya Smile Dental will give you a new crown or filling to protect the integrity of the root-canal retreated tooth. 


Following a root canal treatment, it's a good idea to rest and take care of yourself at home. Made Ya Smile Dental will provide you with helpful instructions about cleaning and taking care of your teeth and gums after the procedure. The treatment area may feel uncomfortable or swollen, which can be controlled with non-prescription pain medication and cold compresses. Dr. Yue may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection and prevent it from affecting other parts of your body. Regular brushing and flossing at home minimize the risk for future dental procedures along with routine examinations and cleaning visits with Made Ya Smile dental. Our staff will continue to monitor your oral health with every appointment. 

Insurance Coverage

Made Ya Smile Dental accepts most PPO dental insurance plans and will reach out to your provider to understand your benefits regarding endodontic retreatment. If you have out-of-pocket expenses, our team will gladly review several convenient payment options with you and your family, including low-cost financing with CareCredit®. Our staff wants you to get the comprehensive dental care you need for healthy teeth and gums, so we will work with you to find the right solution. 

Endodontic Retreatment

Patients who experience concerning symptoms such as swelling, pain, or a pimple-like lesion on the gums should be given an evaluation immediately by one of our skilled team members. If you have an issue with a tooth that was previously addressed with root canal therapy, Dr. Yue offers endodontic retreatment to save the tooth. Made Ya Smile Dental has more than 30 years of experience in treating these issues and providing excellent dental care. Reach out to our staff to schedule a consultation at our facility in Houston, TX.

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