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When you schedule a yearly dental examination and biannual cleaning, the staff at Made Ya Smile Dental routinely checks patients for tooth decay, cavities, and other issues to provide treatment as early as possible. If harmful bacteria spread into the pulp, or internal portion of the tooth, this results in an infection, which means you may need a root canal treatment to save the tooth from extraction. Dr. Jireh Yue performs root canal therapy as an endodontic treatment to alleviate your pain, eliminate the infected pulp, sterilize the canals, and seal off the area. This procedure also prevents the risk of infection reaching your bloodstream, affecting your general health.

We understand that many people experience a fear of the dentist, especially if you are in need of root canal therapy. Made Ya Smile Dental offers many sedation options to help you at ease during your visit and effectively numb the area so that you can experience treatment without feeling anxious. If you are experiencing tooth pain and believe you need a root canal, do not hesitate to reach out to our clinic in Houston, TX so we can return the health back to your smile. 

Best Candidates

Patients may need a root canal therapy if they have decay that reaches the pulp (center) of the tooth, a large cavity, or a cracked or fractured tooth, or physical injury to the face or mouth. Addressing these conditions early on can minimize the damage and prevent the need for more extensive procedures in the future. The infected pulp that remains untreated can eventually spread to the underlying bone, threatening your overall oral health. If you are experiencing any symptoms of an infected tooth, contact our team at Made Ya Smile Dental right away. With our gentle chairside approach, we can help you enjoy a stress-free visit when undergoing a root canal. 

Common signs that may indicate the need for a root canal include the following:

  • Toothache or pain in the jaw
  • Dull or throbbing pain
  • Swollen or discolored gums
  • Pimple-like lesion on the gums
  • Graying or discoloration of a tooth

What To Expect

At Made Ya Smile Dental, Dr. Yue and his staff want you to get the care you need without worrying about dental pain or discomfort. During your endodontic consultation, we can help you determine if you require sedation dentistry such as nitrous oxide (laughing) gas or oral-conscious sedation. To begin the procedure, we will also numb the tooth and gum tissues to ensure your comfort. Once you are ready, we will create an opening in the tooth to remove the infection from the center pulp and canals of the tooth. Then our team will add filling to rebuild the structure and strengthen your tooth. A sedative filling will be placed in the tooth until the area fully heals. After the procedure, our experienced staff will give you instructions about home care during the recovery phase. 


If you opted for oral-conscious sedation, you will need a family member or other responsible adult to drive you home after the root canal procedure. Over the next few days, you may notice some minor discomfort or swelling, which can be relieved with cold compresses and over-the-counter pain relievers. Dr. Yue may give you a prescription for antibiotics to treat the infection and prevent it from affecting your overall health. Once the area is fully healed, Made Ya Smile Dental will recommend a permanent solution to seal off the tooth and restore its appearance and function. A restoration such as a dental crown can protect the tooth from breaking, as it is more susceptible to damage moving forward. Our expert staff will continue to monitor the treated during your routine examinations and biannual cleaning visits.

Insurance Coverage

To find out if root canal therapy is a covered benefit, Made Ya Smile Dental will contact your insurance provider to understand your individual plan and any out-of-pocket costs. Prior to starting treatment, we will inform you about estimated costs along with simple payment solutions to meet your requirements and budget. Our practice accepts several methods of payment and offers flexible low-cost solutions through special medical financing. 

Root Canal Therapy

With the latest advances in dental technology and the use of sedation dentistry, root canal therapy is a fast, efficient, and comfortable procedure at our clinic in Made Ya Smile Dental. Treating an infected tooth as soon as possible will help save your smile from further decay and damage, minimizing the need for more extensive treatment in the future. Dr. Yue is one of the most highly trained practitioners in the field, placing your health and comfort as a first priority. To learn more information on root canal therapy, call our friendly practice in Houston, TX. 

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