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To get the most accurate information possible, Made Ya Smile Dental takes a whole-mouth approach when improving the teeth, gums, and jaw of our patients in Houston, TX. Dr. Jireh Yue makes sure to use only the latest tools and technology to optimize the oral health of his patients. 3D oral imaging gives our staff a 360-degree view of the structures in your mouth. While digital x-rays are an excellent solution for a number of treatments, they only give you a two-dimensional view. Instead, 3D cone beam scans allow an even greater amount of detail and identify any concerns such as bone loss, tooth decay, and other types of damage. 

Dr. Yue uses this detailed information to plan out your dental treatment and identify issues as early as possible. This allows our patients to make informed decisions about their health, such as choosing which procedure is best for their condition. For instance, Made Ya Smile Dental may recommend dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, crowns, bridges, and more based on the results of your 3D scans. To find out more about this diagnostic tool, reach out to our state-of-the-art practice.

Best Candidates

3D cone beam scans are a highly diagnostic tool to make treatment more accurate and streamlined. This advanced technology creates detailed images of the head and jaw and only produces a small amount of radiation, making it safe for patients of every age. Dr. Yue evaluates these images to deliver the best treatment options. When treating children and teenagers, Made Ya Smile Dental uses 3D scanning to monitor the progress of your jaw development for orthodontic procedures to make sure we achieve your desired results. In adults, we use cone beam scans to plan for procedures such as root canal therapy, dental implants, TMJ disorders, and more. It's also beneficial for individuals who have suffered facial or oral trauma. 

What to Expect

Made Ya Smile Dental may use advanced 3D cone beam imaging as part of your annual dental examination or when planning a specific treatment or procedure. This scan is both safe and comfortable, similar to taking a low-radiation digital x-ray. First, Dr. Yue will place you in front of the machine as it takes a 360-degree rotation around your face, head, and neck capturing images of your oral structures. The entire process only takes about a total of 40 seconds. These images are then immediately transmitted to our software and your patient file so we can assess them. Even though our team only uses a small amount of radiation, please inform us ahead of time if you are pregnant or believe you might be pregnant so we can take special precautions during your visit. 


Since your overall health is our primary concern, you may need one or more intraoral scans depending on the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Once Dr. Yue assesses your 3D cone beam scans, our staff will create a custom plan for treatment so we can help you restore your smile back to health. This dental technology allows us to have more detailed information about your condition than traditional x-rays and may be a part of your regular dental examination when scheduling a visit at our practice. 

Insurance Coverage

Advanced cone beam imaging is a diagnostic tool that is incorporated into your yearly examination or twice-yearly cleaning appointment. For this reason, digital images are often covered by a trusted dental insurance provider. At Made Ya Smile Dental, we accept most PPO plans and will try to help you make the most of your benefits. Our staff is pleased to offer several payment options, such as convenient patient financing with CareCredit®.

3D Oral Imaging

3D oral imaging is a safe, effective way to gain a more holistic perspective of your oral health and treatment needs. With advanced cone beam imaging, Dr. Yue and his team can more accurately diagnose and treat a wide range of symptoms and concerns in the teeth, jaw, and bone. To learn more about Made Ya Smile Dental and how 3D oral imaging can benefit you and your family, schedule a visit with our skilled team in Texas today. 

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