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Made Ya Smile Dental helps you and your family enjoy healthy smiles with the use of dental sealants. Dr. Jireh Yue uses sealants as a measure to prevent harmful bacteria, food particles, and plaque from the premolars and molars, blocking the formation of cavities and tooth decay. While dental sealants are often suggested for children, patients of every age can use this tool to maintain a cavity-free smile. They are typically made from a thin, tooth-colored or while material that fills in the grooves of the back teeth. When cared for properly, patients can use sealants to protect the teeth for at least several years. Our skilled staff may suggest dental sealants to protect the health of children, teenagers, and adults. To learn more, schedule a visit at our family dental practice in Houston, TX and see if your loved ones can benefit from dental sealants.

Best Candidates for Dental Sealants

Children and adolescents are usually more at risk for getting cavities on their back teeth, the molars, and premolars. The grooves in these teeth easily collect food particles, plaque, and bacteria that easily create an environment for cavities to form. These pits and fissures can sometimes be difficult to clean with normal brushing and flossing activities. Dental sealants work to fill these areas to make a smooth surface to prevent the debris from entering in the first place. While anyone can benefit from this preventive treatment, we usually perform this procedure for children between 6 12. Made Ya Smile Dental performs sealants on teeth that are free from cavities, are fully erupted, and do not have any restorations or fillings.

What to Expect

Before we place any dental sealants, our dentists will check your child’s teeth for tooth decay, cavities, or other concerns first. If we believe sealants are the right recommendation, we can place them that day or another scheduled time. Dr. Yue begins the process by cleaning the teeth with a paste to make it easier for the sealants to adhere to the teeth. After the paste is rinsed and dried, we will apply the sealants in liquid form to fill the grooves of the molars and premolars. Each dental sealant is then hardened with a dental light in about 20 30 seconds. We will then make sure the bite is comfortable and provide you with easy follow-up instructions.


The process for getting sealants from our team is simple, efficient, and noninvasive, which means you can return to your daily activities as normal afterward. We ask that you follow a few instructions after the procedure, such as avoiding hard or sticky foods, chewing gum, or biting down on ice during this time. Though sealants prevent cavities, Made Ya Smile Dental recommends daily brushing and flossing as an essential part of your child's oral health. During examinations and biannual cleanings, we will be sure to assess the sealants and determine if repair or replacement is required.

Insurance Coverage

Sealants are often covered for children and teens up to a certain age as a preventive procedure by many dental insurance plans. Before placing the sealants, Made Ya Smile Dental will view your benefits and details to see if dental sealants are covered. Any out-of-pocket costs will be reviewed with you before placement. Our caring staff is passionate about helping you and your family get the care you need and takes several convenient payment options with third-party financing through CareCredit®.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants help keep your teeth healthy by reducing the future risk of cavities and tooth decay. Dr. Yue protects the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars with a fast, efficient, and comfortable procedure in our clinic. Our experienced team can prevent the need for restorations such as fillings and crowns with a single, simple treatment. Schedule an appointment in Houston, TX today with Made Ya Smile Dental for your own dental sealants. 

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