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If you wake up in the morning experiencing symptoms such as headaches or pain in the teeth or jaw, you may be clenching or grinding your teeth at night. Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is a habit that damages your teeth at night while you sleep. This can be brought on by factors such as stress or anxiety but can cause issues that affect your teeth, gums, and TMJ (temporomandibular joints). At Made Ya Smile Dental, we understand and treat the effects of bruxism, such as worn tooth enamel, cracked or chipped teeth or restorations, flattened edges. While this is common, bruxism should be addressed as soon as possible to protect the integrity of your smile. 

Dr. Jireh Yue offers customized night guard therapy to manage your bruxism and reduce the impact on your teeth, gums, and jaw joints. Night guards are dental appliances made of high-quality acrylic or other materials that are worn while sleeping. This allows you to keep your lower and upper arches in the right position to prevent friction. Bruxism can affect patients of every age, including children, teens, and adults. If you or a member of your family members is showing signs of teeth grinding, contact Made Ya Smile Dental in Houston, TX for a night guard consultation. 

Best Candidates

While the cause of teeth grinding is not always known, there is a range of medical and environmental factors that can contribute to bruxism. This includes activities such as gum chewing, sleep disorders, misaligned teeth, and even genetics. Habitual grinding may result in broken or chipped teeth, uneven or worn edges, damaged or loose fillings, or gum recession. For many patients, you may also show signs of tooth pain or jaw tenderness, facial swelling, a clicking or popping sound when you open your jaw, and frequent headaches, among other symptoms. Dr. Yue can determine if bruxism is negatively affecting your teeth and will help identify the source behind your condition. Made Ya Smile Dental may also recommend the use of a night guard appliance to prevent your teeth from grinding and clenching while you sleep. 

What to Expect

Made Ya Smile Dental is committed to providing custom treatment solutions to meet your needs in the Houston, TX area. To begin creating your night guard, our team will make impressions of your lower and upper teeth to make a model of your mouth. We then send these impressions to a special dental lab for fabrication. This laboratory is experienced in making these dental appliances and will use top-quality materials to make sure the night guard is durable and long-lasting. Once it's made, you will return to our facility for a secure, comfortable fit. We can make small adjustments as needed to make sure the night guard is effective in preventing further damage due to bruxism. 


Made Ya Smile Dental will provide you with helpful instructions for wearing your night guard to reduce your symptoms as well as the risk of future damage. We will also teach you how to clean and store the appliance when you're not wearing it. It's important to follow our directions and wear the guard each night as necessary to protect your teeth and jaw joints. To keep your smile healthy and happy, continue to take care of your teeth at home with daily brushing and flossing techniques. Bring your night guard with you to regular examinations and cleanings so our experienced staff can assess the fit and make sure it is still serving you well. 

Insurance Coverage

As a preventive treatment, dental insurance may offer some benefits towards a custom night guard appliance to treat your symptoms from bruxism. Before taking impressions, Made Ya Smile Dental will call your insurance provider to confirm your coverage. If you are not using insurance, our team can work with you to find an easy payment solution that fits your individual budget. Our administration accepts several payment methods and offers low-interest financing plans with CareCredit®.

Custom Night Guards

Patients who suffer from discomfort in the teeth or jaw, headaches, oral damage, TMJ issues, and other concerns should contact our skilled team for a custom night guard. When not addressed, bruxism can cause serious damage that leads to more extensive and costly care in the future. Dr. Yue offers a personalized treatment solution for a better quality of living at our clinic in Houston, TX. Protect your smile with help from our caring dental professionals by reaching out to Made Ya Smile Dental for an evaluation. 

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