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Missing one or more natural teeth can quickly affect the appearance and function of your smile, including how you bite as well as your ability to eat and speak normally. Gaps in your smile may also cause neighboring teeth to drift out of alignment. At Made Ya Smile Dental, Dr. Jireh Yue restores the missing tooth using a dental bridge. A bridge is a dental appliance made of two or more crowns that attach to your natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. At our modern practice, Dr. Yue and his team use a custom-made fixed or removable bridge with the highest quality materials to fill the open space, giving your smile a more seamless appearance. To prevent missing teeth from impacting your health and wellness, reach out to our staff in Houston, TX to learn if a dental bridge is the right option for tooth replacement. 

Best Candidates

Tooth loss can lead to some devastating effects on the smile, including a diminished facial profile, the inability to eat or speak confidently, and a shifting of the neighboring teeth, leading to misalignment and other dental issues. Patients who are missing one or more teeth in a row can benefit from a custom dental bridge to address these problems and bring back your confidence. Dr. Yue uses bridges to restore your natural biting function and keep existing teeth in the right places. 

As a restorative and cosmetic appliance, fixed dental bridges are custom-made to match your natural teeth, usually made from three or more crowns connected together. The ends of the bridge (abutments) attach over the teeth on either side of the open space or dental implants, while the middle crown (pontic) naturally replaces the missing tooth. Made Ya Smile Dental offers many varieties, including fixed and removable, cantilever, implant-supported, and Maryland-bonded with ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal to match your enamel shade. Based on your situation, we can create a bridge made from high-quality metals such as gold. A consultation with our team will help you determine the best type of bridge and the materials suited to meet your oral health goals. 

What To Expect

To prepare patients for a fixed dental bridge, Made Ya Smile Dental will administer a local anesthetic to help you feel comfortable during the procedure. We also offer easy sedation services if you are anxious or nervous about going to the dentist. Dr. Yue and his team will remove a small portion of the enamel on each side of the open space so the bridge will comfortably fit over the supporting teeth. We will then take an impression of the teeth which will be sent to a special laboratory to create the permanent appliance, a process that usually takes about 1 – 2 weeks. You will wear a temporary bridge in the meantime so you can eat and speak as normal. When the permanent dental bridge arrives, you will return for another appointment so it can be cemented into place. 

Removable bridges are also custom-made by our lab from the impressions we take of your teeth. However, a removable bridge will securely attach to the surrounding teeth through metal or plastic clasps. This dental bridge can be taken out of the mouth for cleaning and care activities. 


Following your prep visit, we recommend avoiding eating until the feeling has completely returned to your tongue, cheeks, and lips. If the temporary or permanent bridge becomes loose or dislodged, call our facility right away so we can replace it. If a temporary restoration does not fit properly, the permanent one may not work either. Made Ya Smile Dental will teach you good techniques for taking care of your teeth and gums at home to keep them healthy and make sure they last for years to come. Our professionals will show you how to brush and floss around the bridge during your final appointment. Dr. Yue will also assess the bridge during routine examinations and biannual cleanings to ensure the appliance is still working as it should. 

Insurance Coverage

Most dental insurance providers will typically cover a portion of a dental bridge procedure. The administrative staff at Made Ya Smile can review your specific plan and reach out to your insurer to confirm benefits as well as out-of-pocket costs. We gladly accept most PPO plans and work to make your treatment affordable. To help you have access to dental care, we accept many flexible payment methods such as patient-financing with CareCredit®.

Dental Bridge Restorations

Made Ya Smile Dental can close the gap in your smile by replacing missing teeth. Dr. Yue and his talented team of professionals can bring back your overall health and confidence using a dental bridge. With the right care, bridges can prevent the need for costly and extensive care in the future. Our staff is pleased to provide fixed and removable bridges personalized to meet your needs. To learn more about bridges as your new dental solution, reach out to our clinic in Houston, TX for a treatment consultation. 

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