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At Made Ya Smile Dental, we strive to help you find the right custom solution if you are suffering from tooth loss or gaps in your smile. Dr. Jireh Yue and his experienced team offer partial or full removable dentures if you have lost several teeth or an entire arch. Removable dentures can restore your ability to eat and speak with ease to help you regain confidence in your smile. A partial denture fills gaps left by several missing teeth, while a full denture can replace an entire lower or upper arch. In Eldridge Lakes, we have been serving our community by offering patients natural-looking dental appliances for years. Schedule a visit at our practice in Houston, TX to see if partial or full dentures are the right fit for you. 

Best Candidates

Whether you're missing a few teeth or a whole arch, dentures offer a natural appeal with detailed personalization options. While some teeth need to be extracted for a custom fit, we may suggest leaving some teeth in place to support a partial denture. Patients will need healthy gum tissues and adequate jaw contours so you can have a more solid foundation for full dentures. Other times, dentures will need to be fixed to dental implants for the benefit of your teeth and gums. A consultation and dental evaluation with Dr. Yue will help us determine the best approach for teeth replacement. Our staff will carefully explain your options and find a solution that meets your treatment requirements and budget. 

What To Expect

We start the process of creating dentures by taking impressions of the upper and lower arches of your mouth. If you require a tooth extraction, Made Ya Smile Dental can offer a temporary denture to wear while the soft tissues in your mouth heal and the permanent denture is ready. Our staff works with a professional dental laboratory to make natural-looking dentures that fit securely and comfortably in your mouth for tooth replacement. We also use high-quality, lightweight materials and frameworks to make your dental appliances. If you need partial dentures, our team can help match the shade of your enamel for a seamless finish. When your denture arrives at our facility, you will return for a fitting and we will provide you with instructions for cleaning and storing your new dentures. 


While it may take some time before your custom dentures feel natural, you should be able to eat and speak as normal following your appointment. Patients may require a small amount of denture paste or adhesive to keep their full dentures in place. A partial denture is secured through plastic or metal clasps that attach around the existing teeth. Dr. Yue will gladly make any adjustments as necessary to enhance your comfort or fit. Just like natural teeth, is essential to brush your dentures with a toothbrush or denture brush every day with mild toothpaste to keep them clean. Dentures must also be soaked in water at night while you sleep to keep them from drying out, which causes them to change shape. Continue to schedule visits with Made Ya Smile Dental on a regular basis for examinations and biannual cleanings. We will be able to assess your gums and jaw, check the fit of your dentures, and use a solution to help remove any stains. Our team may suggest replacing or relining the dentures over time, but with the proper care, they should be able to serve your smile for many years. 

Insurance Coverage

Made Ya Smile Dental will help you determine if your dental insurance offers coverage for partial or full dentures. Our staff will gladly reach out to your provider before starting the custom treatment process. We can help personalize your procedure to meet your expectations and budget. If you have out-of-pocket costs, our administrative team can also review one of several different payment options as well as flexible low-cost financing with a third-party partner.

Removable Dentures

If you have several missing teeth or a full arch, dentures can restore the function and appearance of your smile to give your confidence the ultimate boost. Made Ya Smile Dental has more than 30 years of experience placing partial or full dentures for patients who have unhealthy, damaged, broken, or decayed teeth. Allow Dr. Yue to create a custom denture that serves your overall dental goals and budget. Learn more about dentures by reaching out to our clinic in Houston, TX for a scheduled visit. 

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